Want to show off? Invite a friend to watch your game. Friend stuck on a level? Watch and give them live pointers.
Watch your friends play.
When you see a friend in game, select "Watch Game" from their profile or from the Friend's List to open a window into their gameplay.
Try it now
To find more game broadcasts check out the Broadcasts tab on the Community Home.
Who can watch my games?
You decide. The first time a friend asks to watch your game you'll be presented with the broadcast privacy settings...
If you select "Anyone can watch my games" then your broadcast will be visible on that game hub.
How do I start & stop my broadcast?
When you're playing a game and someone starts watching, you automatically start broadcasting. When you end the game your broadcast ends.
We want your feedback and suggestions. Make sure to check out the Broadcasting discussions and let us know what you think.
Have additional questions? Read the full FAQ here